Absolute Motivation – Loyalty and Referral Program

How Do You Build Better Loyalty Programs with Prepaid Cards?

Absolute Motivation was selected by a major Canadian financial institution to create and launch a comprehensive realtor loyalty and referral program to bolster sales channel results.

absolute motivation prepaidThe program was designed to incent Canadian realtors into referring mortgage prospects to the financial institution. In exchange, the financial institution would refer interested homebuyers to the realtors and offer valuable rewards to further encourage the desired behaviour.

Since Visa prepaid cards are almost always the most redeemed reward in loyalty programs, Absolute Motivation needed a best-in-class prepaid program manager to help manage a high impact reloadable prepaid Visa card featuring the client’s logo, along with a procurement system for simplified fulfillment.

A Better Solution 

To deliver the loyalty program, Absolute Motivation needed a prepaid partner with extensive experience serving financial institutions, a robust card ordering platform capable of integrating with their loyalty platform, and strong IT and customer support capabilities.

Since the program’s prepaid Visa cards are reloadable, participants can continuously earn money on their card throughout the duration of the program. And since Visa prepaid cards are the most redeemed reward in the catalogue, Absolute Motivation needed an experienced program manager to ensure timely and seamless card fulfillment.

The Berkeley team worked with Absolute Motivation to incorporate Berkeley’s online card ordering portal (Conductor) and reloadable cards process into the larger realtor loyalty reward platform. Program administrators interface directly with the application when ordering cards, with activation and fulfillment taking place on-demand. Along with straightforward functionality, the solution comes with secure approval and audit controls to ensure easy administration and oversight.

With practical design parameters and strong support capabilities, Berkeley helped Absolute Motivation save significant implementation time and costs, eliminating the need for increased IT support, and ensuring optimal flexibility and security.

There are now 5,000+ realtors in the loyalty program, and since launch the number of participants in the program has increased by 40%. Strong engagement numbers have translated into a significant increase in the number of mortgages funded compared to 2012.

“A custom prepaid card is more than a reward – it’s an extension of our client’s brand. So we needed a trusted prepaid provider with a strong reputation, and Berkeley exceeded our expectations,” says Edward Thompson, President of Absolute Motivation.

“The card is a key component to incenting sales and growing revenues, but it also serves to build our client’s wallet share and brand awareness – when the card’s used, the client brand stays top of mind.”

The Benefits of Berkeley

  • Efficient program delivery. Berkeley’s expertise and experience helped Absolute Motivation get their program up and running quickly and easily.
  • Cost-effective rewards.  Branded, reloadable prepaid cards provided a quality, cost-effective, and in-demand solution
  • Seamless, easy integration. Berkeley’s online ordering portal, Conductor, ensured that card fulfillment easily integrated with the larger loyalty platform.
  • Great customer service. Berkeley’s dedication to customer and cardholder support ensured that both Absolute Motivation and the financial institution were confident throughout every stage of execution and delivery.
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