HP – Channel Sales SPIFF Program

HP Rolls out the Blue Carpet for Channel Partners

HPBlueCarpetCustomCardHP’s Blue Carpet program is designed to reward partner sales representatives with incentives and benefits for selling products and solutions across the entire HP portfolio

As the reward of choice, Visa prepaid cards play a pivotal role in the incentive program. Not only are cards, value loads, and spending data trackable, but prepaid is widely preferred by sales reps since cards are reloadable and cash equivalent. This means loaded funds can be spent immediately. No going to the bank, no waiting for a cheque to clear, no wondering when you’ll receive what you’ve earned.

“HP Blue Carpet is a perfect example of our continued investment [in channel incentives], rewarding partner sales reps in a clear, predictable, customizable format for their commitment to selling HP solutions,” says Mike Parrottino, Vice President and General Manager.

With Berkeley’s experience in providing channel sales incentive solutions we are able to:

  • Deliver unique channel sales enablement programs that are easy to execute, track, and measure
  • Drive engagement, incenting desired behaviours, and lifting performance of your channel partners and sales reps
  • Easily measure and scale the impact of your channel incentive investment using prepaid cards as the vehicle

HP Blue Carpet has delivered more than 500,000 claims representing more than $12 million in rewards in Canada.

And since prepaid Visa cards can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including online and overseas, HP sales reps get to choose whatever reward is most meaningful to them.


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