Infiniti – Customer Recapture Program

Infiniti offers a full-line of luxury performance automobiles that inspire at every turn, including the G Coupe & Sedan, M Sedan, EX and FX crossovers, and the QX full-size SUV.

infiniti-visaThe Challenge

  • Creating a customer retention program to drive existing customers back into the dealership for maintenance and service.

The Solution

  • In collaboration, Infiniti worked with Berkeley to create a fully customized Visa dealership incentive program.
  • A validation process was created for customers receiving maintenance at dealerships. Those who qualified online were issued future service dealership rebate cards.
  • Custom cards and carrier were designed and 1-800 numbers were established for customer care.

The Results

  • After the success of the initial program, Infiniti rolled out a seasonal dealership program 3 times per year.
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