Nissan – Bonus Days Customer Rebate

The Challenge

Nissan Canada wanted to implement a rebate program with universal appeal that would provide instant rewards to customers across the country upon their purchase of select Nissan vehicles.

Nissan required that the program:

Nissan Bonus Days Customer Rebate

  • Fit with their national and dealership advertising campaign.
  • Reinforce the Nissan brand to their customers.
  • Be flexible enough to deal with the effects of changes within the auto industry.
  • Reward participants quickly and meaningfully
  • Be easy to manage and measure
  • Provide a customized online component to the Bonus Days program.
  • Establish an engine to be used for ongoing customer communication.

The Solution

Nissan launched their Bonus Day program by providing customized prepaid Visa reward card to customers who bought their cars during the winter months.

  • Customers were sent a prepaid Visa card that had funds ranging from $300 to $1500 on each card based upon the type of car they purchased.
  • Berkeley issued cards to Nissan customers on a weekly basis.
  • Berkeley managed all the administrative and customer service tasks of the Bonus Days card.

The Results

Nissan’s Bonus Day programs continue to this day, and have garnered strong positive feedback from both happy consumers and dealers pleased with high redemption rates.

The success has led to the extension of Nissan prepaid programs within North America to several of its brands, and a relationship with Berkeley that has lasted over 4 years.

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