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Berkeley makes planning and launching payment card programs easy.

We’ve serviced over 1000 corporate clients throughout North America in various industries, sectors, and functional areas, and have specialized in payment programs for over 10 years.

Here are some things to consider when planning and launching your program:

Step 1 Planning – Defining Your Program

Consider your objectives and the reasons behind your program. There are many different options to choose from, so understanding your goals will help us build a program that achieves them.

Consider the following:

  • Do you require specific payment vehicles or functionality, like reloadable or non-reloadable prepaid MasterCard or prepaid Visa cards?
  • What kind of branding, design, or print requirements are needed for your program?
  • How frequently will you be disbursing funds, and how much will be disbursed?
  • Who will administer the program and be in charge of authorizing the movement of funds?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, that’s okay. We can walk you through the options and help you decide what’s right for your business.

Step 2 Design – Branding Your Program

Branding your programCustom cards are prestigious, unique, and build brand loyalty, since the card user is constantly reminded of where their money came from.

But different program goals may require different branding options.

Consider the following options:

Card Artwork

Custom cards: Custom cards let you add fully customized branding or imagery to your card design.

Logo cards: Logo cards are printed on our standard stock card, with your company logo printed in the top left corner of the card in a single colour.

Standard cards: Standard cards are our generic stock card, with no custom design or branding.

Carrier and Collateral Design

Cards can come attached to an 8.5”x11” paper carrier which typically contains instructions on how to use the card. You can choose a standard carrier, or customize this valuable communication space with your own unique design, branding, and messaging.

Additional Inserts

Add a custom insert or collateral with special messaging for the end-user. You can also customize our Frequently Asked Questions document which comes with the card package, should your end-users require additional information about the card.

Cardholder Support

Berkeley provides complete 24/7 end-user cardholder support for all of our programs. We are also capable of providing custom support for your programs and can help develop telephone scripts to support your cardholder’s needs.

Design support

Don’t know what to put on your prepaid credit card? Missing the in-house capabilities to create design files? Don’t worry! Berkeley can help you design your campaign and create the files and artwork needed to print cards and carriers successfully.


Once your card design has been created, it must be reviewed and approved by the issuing bank, the network, and fulfillment. Since prepaid cards are financial instruments, we ensure your program follows compliance procedures in accordance with financial institution requirements and regulatory demands.

Step 3 Set-up: Processing & Shipping Options

Processing and Shipping OptionsOne of the greatest benefits of prepaid card programs is the ability to control card funding. For example, all cards can be pre-loaded with $200, or each individual card can be loaded, or reloaded, with different amounts.

Order Processing

Whether you require one or 100 administrators processing or loading cards, Berkeley ensures quick, secure, reliable access to your order through Conductor, our online portal, or through system-to-system integration.

Online Portal: Conductor

Conductor is an online always-accessible application that lets clients place orders for cards and reload funds 24/7. Each individual program is secured separately in the portal and administrators can be given different levels of security access and load limits.


If you require more custom functionality, Berkeley will work with your IT department to seamlessly integrate the Conductor API with your existing enterprise systems, enabling staff to easily access and manage card programs.

Contact us to learn more about Conductor integration options.

Shipping Options

We can bulk ship all of your cards to one location, or send individual cards direct to individual cardholders. Your program might require one or both of these options – we accommodate all shipping needs.

Step 4 Reporting: Program Results & Analytics

Program Results and AnalyticsBerkeley offers your business easy ways to track and report on prepaid card programs and card user activity.

We offer two types of reports:

Standard Reports

Administrators and users can pull real-time program numbers to analyze card activations and card balances.

Custom Reports

When setting up your program, Berkeley can create custom reporting to help you gain invaluable insight into consumer behaviour metrics and program activity.

This information can help you get to know your users and customers better and also help you revise future programs or promotions.

Berkeley can even help your business automate program reports to include the locations of card purchases, the merchant category codes (MCCs) of where funds were spent, and when funds were spent.

Step 5 Payment: Flexible, Secure Options

Getting your money onto the cards is easy, and Berkeley offers payment options for fulfilling your card orders, depending on your business requirements.

Escrow Management:

For quick and easy card funding, you can place money in a dedicated bank-secured escrow account. Once funds are in the account, your program administrators can access the account for fast card fulfillment. This option is best for long-term continuous programs where administrators are granted different funding limits and access levels to the account.


You can also pay for each individual card or funding payment via cheque, wire, EFT or credit card, as required.

Contact us to learn more about program payment options.

Step 6 Timelines: Getting Cards Out the Door

Program lengths differ depending on your needs and card quantities.

Use the following rough guidelines to help you plan:

  • No Branding: 2-4 weeks for program setup
  • Light branding: 4-6 weeks for program setup
  • Custom branding: 10-12 weeks for program setup

Please allow up to 10 days for delivery of cards, once the program has been set up.