Security & Support

Berkeley Payment Solutions provide the highest levels of data and privacy protection, regulatory and industry compliance, and integrated risk and fraud management for all prepaid programs.

Competence, experience, and trust are what drive secure payment technologies and processes.

Prepaid programs are a rapidly growing segment in the payments industry and offer many compelling benefits.

However they also require unique compliance and security considerations along with due diligence activities like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) data monitoring.

Client and Cardholder Support

Berkeley provides all clients with a dedicated Client Services Manager (CSM) who guides and advises the client throughout program planning, program launching, and program management. CSMs have deep knowledge of prepaid solutions, and are able to handle all client inquiries and requests.

Berkeley also provides 24/7 cardholder phone support for cardholders in need of assistance with lost cards, balance requests, or any other questions related to their prepaid card.

Account & Program Security

To ensure your privacy and security, Berkeley maintains separate card ordering portals, by company and by program. This means that only authorized users of specific programs can gain access to their accounts.

Berkeley can also authorize different levels of security and roles for different users, giving administrators different limits and levels of authority across accounts.

Berkeley provides bank-level security on all escrow accounts. If your company chooses to keep program account funds in an escrow account, it will be wholly owned and managed directly by a major financial institution. Berkeley manages the account, but does not have access to the funds.

In addition, each Berkeley program account has a unique general ledger (GL), and its security is in accordance with North American banking regulation and compliance.

Card Security & Card Activation Options

Berkeley provides multiple card activation options to ensure you programs execution and security.

Depending on the prepaid program, different activation may be required:

Pre-distribution activation

All or some cards can be pre-activated before shipping.

Post-distribution activation

All or some cards can be  activated after shipping. For post-distribution, Berkeley can create individual passwords for each card, or can create one code to activate all of the cards. Company-assigned program administrators can have access to all the activation codes for all the cards.

Combination for you convenience

Berkeley can customize your card activations to best fit your program needs.

Prepaid Cards & Fraud

Prepaid credit cards offer the same security as all Visa and MasterCard credit card products, and fraud rates are extremely low.

In the unfortunate circumstance that fraud does occur, the process for fraud management and dispute resolution adheres to the same regulations and investigations as any other Visa or MasterCard product.