Develop new revenue streams while reducing cost and risk.

payment-chart 2Corporations, not-for profits, and governments are undergoing a profound transformation as they respond to an evolving payments landscape that includes:

  • Rapid technology changes
  • Shifting consumer needs and expectations
  • New and emerging platforms
  • Reduced return on equity
  • Ever-changing fraud threats

To adapt, organizations are changing how they manage and deliver new and existing payment products to maintain and grow revenue.

In this complex environment, the value of payments innovation reaches beyond program management and technical implementation.

Strategically, Berkeley guides organizations through payment needs scenarios, market and organizational assessments, and process requirements to streamline existing capabilities, identify opportunity, and drive profitability.

We allow our clients to focus on core competencies, client relationships, and improving balance sheets, all while opening up new opportunities for payments value creation.

We also leverage economies of scale and skill to support brand equity with strengths in secure processing, AML and KYC capabilities, and expert knowledge of the regulatory arena.

Proactively managing risk, fraud, and compliance must be balanced against customer experiences to ensure the highest levels of service and satisfaction. Furthermore, aligning multi-national institutional partnerships and alliances is equally critical, requiring the management and prioritization of complex stakeholder relationships.

For organizations hindered by rigid systems and processes, Berkeley provides the agility necessary to deliver new payments products and services in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Our prepaid card solutions include:


  • Sales Incentives
  • Employee Rewards
  • Performance and Bonus
  • Wellness
  • Safety

  • Consumer Rebates
  • Coupon Replacement
  • Contest Giveaways
  • Holiday Gifts

  • General Purpose Reloadable
  • Travel and Expense Management
  • Customer Service and Recall Payments
  • Insurance Payments
  • Lottery Disbursement
  • Payroll

  • Social Security Payments
  • Emergency Relief Payments
  • General Purpose Reloadable
  • Travel and Expense Management
  • Tax Refunds