med research mock cardsPrepaid credit cards offer businesses and finance departments a reliable, cost-effective, and secure way to manage and distribute funds.

Reduce cost and provide convenient, immediate access to funds.

Whether you’re paying temporary workers, per diems, insurance claims, or business travel expenses, prepaid cards are a convenient, practical alternative to paper-based payroll processing.

Berkeley Payment Solutions provides  prepaid card programs that offer flexibility, helping you create a payment model that meets your specific business needs.

Whether you require multiple payment administrators for loading funds, need to set-up automated direct deposits, require more visibility into purchase activity, or want to integrate prepaid card ordering and loading through your own systems, Berkeley can help you design and implement the right program to deliver against your objectives.

Employees and card end-users can benefit from direct deposit payments, enhanced security, instant access to funds, and fraud protection through the Visa or MasterCard payment associations.

There’s no need to visit a bank to deposit or retrieve funds, plus no more waiting for checks to clear.

Prepaid cards are accepted globally, so funds can be accessed from virtually anywhere. Administrators and cardholders can also easily track their spending and keep detailed expense records, if required.

Businesses are using prepaid programs to reduce payroll costs and improve employee satisfaction:

  • Oil and gas companies are providing per diem payments so employees can gain instant access to funds without needing to find an ATM or bank.
  • Global companies are using branded prepaid cards for business travel, eliminating credit checks and hefty interest rates on missed payments.
  • Industrial services businesses are paying temporary workers daily with reloadable, co-branded prepaid cards.
  • Insurance companies are compensating claims recipients instantly, in cases of housing disasters or residency displacements.
  • Colleges and universities are providing prepaid cards for conference and association dues, and for visiting fellowships.
  • Life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are using reloadable, co-branded prepaid cards to cover the cost of prescriptions for global clinical trial participants.