Prepaid cards are rapidly replacing cheques as a cost-effective method of disbursing government payments for everything from employment insurance to disaster assistance.

Printing and mailing paper cheques can be costly due to loss, fraud, and mailing delays.

government prepaid cardsPrepaid card programs are a fast and reliable way to deliver funds to claimants.

Rather than wait for a cheque to be issued and mailed and then cashed or deposited at a bank, claimants with a government issued prepaid card can receive benefits directly onto their card for immediate use.

This eliminates inconvenience and lets card recipients shop or pay bills online, or access funds through any ATM or POS terminal worldwide that accepts Visa or MasterCard.

For emergency or on-the-spot disbursements, prepaid cards offer quick-load issuing capabilities to simplify and manage payment disbursements. Card ordering and loading portals can also easily integrate with existing government platforms using web-enabled APIs to further reduce administrative costs.

All cardholders can check their card balances online or over the phone, and are provided with 24/7 support services.

  • Eliminate or drastically reduce postage and other cheque issuance costs by using reloadable prepaid cards
  • Efficiently manage and measure the disbursement of social security benefits
  • Provide fast access to funds for emergency relief payments
  • Simplify travel and expense claims while gaining more visibility into purchase activity
  • Load tax refunds instantly with no customer credit or bank history required
  • Simplify many compensation needs with general purpose reloadable cards