Prepaid Visa Cards for Business

Companies around the world use prepaid Visa cards to drive marketing promotions and rebates, employee reward and sales channel programs, and compensation and disbursement solutions.

Integrating prepaid Visa cards into your promotional programs is a proven method for boosting customer engagement and prepaid cards are a consumer reward and incentive of choice, beating out cash by a landslide.

Their popularity comes from the convenience, flexibility, and safety of being able to make everyday purchases anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted including overseas and online.

Promote your brand and gain valuable customer insight.

Prepaid credit cards are a convenient way to stimulate sales channels, generate product awareness, encourage specific consumer behaviors, and build customer and brand loyalty.

As part of your existing marketing mix, they can better motivate and incent customers to action, help you achieve higher ROI, and deliver more valuable consumer behaviour insights.

Businesses use prepaid cards as part of rebate programs, loyalty and reward tracking, customer referral programs, product launches, and other consumer promotions.

Nissan uses prepaid Visa cards for everything from vehicle rebates, dealer service rewards, seasonal promos, and contests.

Unlike other premiums and gift cards, Berkeley prepaid credit card programs are highly customizable, allowing you to tailor your campaign and communications to reflect your objectives and branding.

The prestige of a network branded card (eg, Visa or MasterCard) that has custom branding and a company logo on it creates unique awareness and loyalty among cardholders, since the company becomes immediately associated with all purchases made with the card.

Here’s how businesses are attracting new customers and improving loyalty with existing customers:

  • Car dealerships are increasing foot traffic and sales using card rebates for purchases and to promote test drives.
  • Advertisers are improving response rates and gaining valuable customer insight with prepaid cards in email, direct mail, and social media campaigns.
  • Life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are incenting greater participation in clinical trials, research studies, and surveys.
  • Retailers are building loyalty and increasing basket-size with rebate and affinity prepaid programs.
  • Tax filling business are attracting more customers with on-the-spot tax refunds using prepaid credit cards.