MasterCard Prepaid Card

mastercard prepaid cardsBerkeley Payment Solutions delivers MasterCard prepaid card programs for corporations, governments, and financial institutions.

A MasterCard prepaid card provides HR, Marketing, Sales, and Finance managers a simple, flexible way to manage one-time or reoccurring payments as part of reward, promotion, or compensation programs.

Custom cards, logo cards, and standard cards are available as either non-reloadable or reloadable card programs.

Non-Reloadable MasterCard Prepaid Card

A non-reloadable MasterCard prepaid card can be loaded once with funds, and can be used anywhere in the world or online where MasterCard is accepted.

Businesses typically use non-reloadable MasterCard prepaid card cards for employee rewards or recognition, consumer promotions like rebates, or one-off compensation payments like per diems.

MasterCard prepaid cards are easier to manage than cheques or cash, and provide many benefits for your company and end-users.

Branded and customized MasterCard prepaid cards also create unique brand loyalty and awareness for cardholders, since users associate their card and purchases with your company and the reason for the reward.

Reloadable MasterCard Prepaid Card

Reloadable cards have the same features as non-reloadable cards, with the additional functionality of being able to add funds to cards more than once.

Reloadable MasterCard prepaid cards are the fastest way to make ongoing regular payments since reloading the cards doesn’t require access to a physical financial institutions for funds. This way, money is conveniently loaded electronically onto the prepaid card, giving the recipient access to funds within 24 hours.

Payment administrators  can manage reloadable and non-reloadable cards using Berkeley’s portal solution, called Conductor. Conductor lets administrators create cards, load and reload them, and manage funds 24/7 in a secure environment.