MasterCard Prepaid Cards for Businesses

Customize and Control How Money is Disbursed, Received, and Spent

Whether you’re paying people for commissions, rewards, incentives, rebates, benefits, goodwill, insurance, or emergencies, consider the strengths of a prepaid card:

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Control and CustomizeMC 3 Cards Your Mass Payments to Scale Your Business

Our prepaid card programs put you in control of the entire payment experience whether you need 100 standard non-reloadable gift cards, or 1,000,000 custom configured reloadable expense cards.

Both non-reloadable and reloadable card programs come in standard cards, logo cards, or fully customized cards to suit your specific business needs.

Create a unique branded experience for your cardholders that reinforces brand loyalty and awareness every time they reach into their wallet. And with capabilities anywhere in the world or online where MasterCard is accepted, you can ensure that you are always top of mind.

Easier to manage than cheques or cash, MasterCard prepaid cards allow you to track cardholder activity to better inform consumer behaviour and gain valuable insights.