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At Berkeley, our vision is to be the world’s leading payments innovator.

Realizing results for corporate, not-for-profit, and government clients through the power of outbound payments.

If your organization disburses mass payments to workers, consumers, or other businesses, you know how stressful and complicated the process can be. Did the payments go through on time? Did people receive and spend their money? Do payees even understand why they were paid?

Paying-out doesn’t have to be a pain. We work with companies like yours to solve global payment problems with a host of products that simplify mass payments. We help you securely manage and send funds, customize user experiences, and track results that drive successful outcomes.

Building payments solutions requires strong and close partnerships within the global payments ecosystem.

Berkeley connects you with global partners that include financial institutions, payment networks, processors, and fulfillment houses

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team brings decades of experience in managing and operating global payments and technology programs.

For over 10 years we’ve helped shape and define what payments innovation means, and our products, solutions, and ideas touch the lives of millions of people every day. Our knowledge, values, and success are testaments to the character of our people.

Why Branded Money? We understand that today’s best businesses own their user experience from end to end, and payments need to integrate and flow seamlessly through the mix.

Plus, in the process of exploring new technologies and emerging trends with you, we tend to uncover big ideas that reduce costs, increase productivity, and enhance controls and compliance.

View a Selection of Our Success Stories

The companies you trust trust us.

Nissan Drives Customer Engagement with Rebate Programs

Prepaid Visa Cards Incent 80% Activation Rate for Cash Back Programs… Capitalizes on Forex Market with Travel Card

Travel agency expands product line with
multi-currency GPR Cards for Consumers…

Aid Agencies Deploy
Faster Disaster Relief

International Aid Agencies Quickly Distribute Payments In-Field for Victims with Unparalleled Tracking and Reporting…

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