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Automakers Drive Customer Engagement with Rebate Programs

Prepaid Visa Cards Incent 80% Activation Rate for Cash Back Programs

Global automakers rely on Berkeley for customer engagement and retention programs to drive new and existing customers into dealerships for vehicle purchases and after sales parts and service programs.

Leveraging direct mail campaigns, in-store promotions, and vehicle rebate programs ranging from $10 – $500, automakers use prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards as highly attractive incentives that draw card activation rates of over 80%, resulting in very high engagement and strong dealership traffic.

Initiatives include corporate and dealership reward programs, corporate training programs, sales initiatives, vehicle rebates, customer loyalty programs, showroom traffic builders, test drive programs, and more.

Prepaid Visa Card Initiatives Include:

Vehicle Purchase Rebates

Get Paid to Test Drive

Parts and Service Rewards

Corporate and Dealership Sales Incentive Program

Showroom Traffic Builders

Direct Mail Campaigns

Corporate Training Rewards

Recoup Marketing Funds by Restricting Card Access to Dealerships

One of Nissan’s most successful programs is their $50 Summer Sweepstakes giveaway. This branded direct mail programs involves mailing prepaid Visa cards to existing Nissan customers and encouraging them to spend their winning at their closest dealership.

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Their custom package includes a branded envelope which contains a custom non-reloadable Visa card attached to a paper carrier with congratulations messaging and activation instructions.

The cards are MCC (merchant category code) restricted, meaning they can only be swiped and spent at Nissan dealership locations. So not only can cards be used as part of parts and service visits, driving foot traffic and customer appreciation, but Nissan marketing funds are effectively recouped with visitors spending on average significantly more than their sweepstake winnings.

Berkeley and Nissan continue to measure and improve the positive impact of prepaid cards on response rates for ongoing seasonal sales and marketing campaigns.

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GM disburses thousands of prepaid cards as part of customer care and goodwill programs.

Why Consumers Love Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Cards

Studies show that Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards are universally preferred over other types of incentives like store gift cards, merchandise, travel, and special events or experiences.

Freedom of Choice: Prepaid card recipients get to spend their money on whatever gift is most meaningful to them.

Universal Acceptance: Prepaid cards can be used to purchase items instantly and on-the-spot, anywhere in the world, online, or over phone, anytime the recipient wants.

24/7 Support: Card recipients can check their balance and see their transaction history online, or call a 24/7 support line for questions or help.

Remember, a Visa or Mastercard Prepaid Card Isn’t Just a Piece of Plastic.

For best results, explore our platform capabilities, our strategic discovery sessions, and the following Solutions to get the most out of your program.

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Rewards and Incentives

Drive engagement with employees and sales staff

Mobile devices with a location icon

Field Sales and Service

Get better results from in-store and door-to-door sales

shopping bag with a price tag

Consumer Rebates

Simplify and brand shopper marketing experiences

hands holding a medical cross

Disaster Relief and Emergency Payments

Safely manage and track payments for those in need

Happy cards thinking of people

Goodwill and Class Action Payments

Disburse funds with security, compliance, and controls

cards smiling while holding an umbrella

Payroll and On-Demand

Manage and payout tips, commissions, and expenses

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Nissan dealerships hand out prepaid Visa cards to promote test drives, drive foot traffic, and reward service techs.

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Case Study

How Aid Agencies Deploy Faster Disaster Relief

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