Card Issuing

Create and Manage Virtual and Physical Cards.

Create, issue, and manage virtual and physical cards. Control costs, increase operational efficiency, and embed cards within your application.

How It Works

Create Your Cards

Customize virtual or physical cards, use your own branding, and control where and how cards can be used.

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Issue & Distribute Cards

Launch your card program quickly, instantly issue virtual cards, and distribute cards to your customers.

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Manage Your Card Program

Manage your card program from the client portal, and offer cardholders a branded experience.


Create and Customize Virtual or Physical Cards

Fully Brandable

Logo Design   –   Carrier Design   –   Carrier & Email Messaging

Card Graphics   –   Magnetic Strip   –   EMV   –   Card Network

Customize Card Features

Funding Sources   –   Specify Cardholders   –   Set Card Amounts

Cardholder Portal Access   –   API Access   –   IVR

Card Expiry Window   –   Custom Embossing

Configure Card Restrictions With Open APIs

ATM Withdrawals   –   POS Use   –   Online Use

Single Use Cards   –   Multi-Use Cards   –   Verification Method

Issue and Distribute Your Cards On-Demand

Test Your Cards

Test cards before they go out to cardholders to ensure your configurations have been successfully created.

Issue Non-Reloadable, Consumer Reloadable, or Corporate Reloadable

Leverage our direct integrations with Visa and MasterCard networks to issue and start using cards.

Distribute Physical Cards Where You Want

Order virtual and physical cards on-demand and distribute your cards in bulk to your business, or direct to your cardholders.

Compliance Tools and Exposure Protection

Your Card Data is Secure

Card data is tokenized and encrypted end-to-end to ensure transactions and to take your business out of any PCI-DSS certification scope.

KYC Onboarding

We provide full Know-Your-Customer (KYC) service to onboard quickly and manage cardholders securely.

Fraud Protection

Berkeley’s dynamic AI fraud detection engines protect your cardholders from transaction fraud, so you have peace of mind with your business’ money.

Financial Management

Our secure escrow account keeps your business’ funds safe, and clients can exclusively manage funds from the client portal.

Manage Your Card Program

Card Lifecycle Management

Manage the lifecycle of your cards in the client portal. Order, activate, offset, suspend, terminate. Manage lost, stolen, and damaged cards via APIs. Handle card fulfillment, inventory, and shipping in bulk.

Instant Card Funding

Instantly load your Corporate or General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) cards using Berkeley’s API and DirectSend technology. Instantly your card and send money in real-time.

One Seamless Branded Experience For Your Customers

Brandable Cardholder Portal

The branded cardholder portal allows your cardholders to login and see their account, update their information, check card balances, see transaction history, and initiate transfers to other cards.

Keep Your Customers Within Your Experience

Berkeley’s APIs offer functionality to embed all customer-facing payment touch points within your company’s application, to keep customers within your platform.

Digital Wallet Provision Card Tokens

Your cardholders can use their cards within their mobile digital wallet to request, store, and provision tokens in digital wallets, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

See How Card Issuing Can Work For Your Business

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