Inventory Manager

Get End-to-End Visibility and Control Over the Entire Payment Card Lifecycle

If you’re running a mass payment program with hundreds or thousands of prepaid card payments a week, how do you track and manage where, when, and how cards are disbursed?

Inventory Manager gives you visibility and control over prepaid cards ordered, cards in-transit, cards allocated to people or regions, or cards assigned to end users / cardholders.

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This lets you track and manage which employees “own” which cards, how many cards they’ve disbursed, and where cards are in the entire payments lifecycle.

Stay up to date on your payments program’s health with full visibility into available funds and available card stock, both overall and on a per-campaign basis.

With Inventory Manager, you also get notifications to warn you when employee card or funding levels are low, allowing you to move more budget or order more cards on the fly.

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Telecoms create custom payments card campaigns to better target customer acquisitions, drive renewal and upgrade incentives.

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Accelerate Disbursements by Tracking Card and Fund Movement in Real Time

Inventory Manager lets you manage each step of the payment card’s lifecycle including:

Card Funding: Funds must be available in an escrow account to load money onto prepaid cards.

Card Stock: For most mass payment programs, plastic or virtual cards must be first purchased in bulk, and used as “stock.”

Cards Ordered: These are cards that have been ordered from available Card Stock, but have not yet been allocated to a User.

Allocated Cards: These are cards that have been ordered and allocated to a named user within an organization who temporarily “owns” the cards. That user can then allocate their cards to other named users, or assign the card to a cardholder who then spends the funds.

Inventoried Cards: These are cards that are available, but have not yet been allocated to a named user.

Assigned Cards: These are cards that been given to a cardholder who then can spend the funds at stores.

In-Transit: These are cards that are in the process of being shipped.

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Wyndham Hotels and Resorts uses prepaid Visa cards to incent thousands of new customers to sign up for Wyndham Rewards.

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Case Study

Nissan Drives Customer Engagement with Rebate Program

Quantify Program Benchmarks and Track Campaign Success

Inventory Manager and Campaign Manager can be used in concert to manage employee and program performance by tracking card assignment to campaign goals and quarterly benchmarks

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  • Are employees hitting card assignment minimums in the field?
  • Can payment card budgets be reduced in certain geographic areas without impacting customer acquisition rates?
  • Which rebate card campaigns provided the best incremental unit sales?

To further drive payment program success, take advantage of data analytics and reporting to mine and extract powerful business insights from millions of payment data points using Insights.

How we work for you

Berkeley manages over $1.5B for forward thinking organizations that pay customers, clients, and employees around the world

Build Campaigns to Customize Payment Card Features and Functionality

The functionality of payment cards in inventory can be customized using Campaign Manager. Campaigns let you configure features, functionality, and budget associated with cards.

This lets you control how much money is available for the overall campaigns, how much can be loaded on cards, how cards are activated in-market, and more. Campaigns are also useful for tracking program results, as all cards assigned to cardholders are attached to a specific campaign.

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Learn About Our Payments Products

Bring your payment solution to life with one or more of our customizable products:

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Prepaid Cards

Payout via mail or on-the-spot with different types of Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards

Inventory Manager - virtual-card

Virtual Cards

Payout via email with flexible virtual Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards

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Payout via your own systems to enhance and scale your payment capabilities

Inventory Manager - instant-issuance

Instant Issuance

Pay individuals in real time and on-the-spot

Inventory Manager - inventory-management

Campaign Manager

Build and manage multiple ongoing payments program

Inventory Manager - discovery

Inventory Manager

Track and manage your payment card lifecycle from end-to-end

Inventory Manager - prepaid-card


Get a deep dive into your business’s strategic payment needs

Inventory Manager - virtual-card


Mine and extract powerful business insights from millions of payment data points


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Customer Testimonials

Berkeley is an excellent solution provider. They were very helpful and accommodated all of our payment needs.

Invictus Games

We needed a partner who could help us design a program to meet the needs of a diverse, informed, and critical membership. Berkeley is a great partner and we’re proud of our prepaid Member Rewards Card program.

The Human Resources Professionals Association

I'm familiar with many prepaid solution providers, and Berkeley is excellent. They're keen, enthusiastic, and the most innovative player in the marketplace.

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The province’s emergency cards promote dignity and choice by allowing beneficiaries to determine their own needs, help stimulate local economies where emergency goods and services are already available, and support Canada’s pre-existing social safety net system.

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