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Prepaid Cards

Create Branded Visa and Mastercard Prepaid Experiences to Drive Sales and Scale your Business

Prepaid cards are powerful and flexible payment vehicles you can rely on to customize and control how money is sent, received, and spent.

Whether you’re paying people for commissions, rewards, incentives, rebates, benefits, goodwill, insurance, or emergencies, consider the strengths of a prepaid card:

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The card itself, associated collateral, and cardholder touchpoints can be branded from end-to-end


Card recipient don’t need a bank account to use a prepaid card


Funds loaded onto the cards can be used immediately by recipients anywhere in the world


Cards can be direct mailed to recipient’s homes, handed out in-person and on-the-spot, or bulk shipped to multiple locations


Cards can also be emailed to recipients – learn more about Virtual Cards


Recipients can check their balance, transaction history, and profile info online anytime, or get 24/7 cardholder phone support

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Kellogg’s disburses hundreds of thousands of Visa prepaid cards every year for rebate programs that drive sales volume through shopper marketing experiences.

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Control and Customize Your Mass Payments to Scale Your Business

Our prepaid card programs put you in control of the entire payment experience whether you need 100 standard gift cards, or 1,000,000 custom configured expense cards

  • The front of the prepaid card can be branded and custom designed
  • The paper and card collateral that are part of the card package can also be personalized and custom designed
  • Card delivery options include cards mailed individually to people, bulk shipped all to one location for later disbursement, emailed via Virtual Card, or Instantly Issued in-field. For robust card lifecycle tracking, Inventory Management is available
  • Card loading and activation options include cards mailed with zero value and loaded upon activation, mailed with funds loaded but inactive, handed out in person by a field rep and activated by the recipient via Instant Issuance, and more
  • Programs can be funded via wire, cheque, or EFT/ACH, and are held in an issuing bank’s secured escrow account as funds are drawn down and loaded onto cards. Flexible pay as you go options are also available
  • If necessary, cards can be restricted by merchant category code (MMC) which restricts usage to specific merchant locations. They can also be restricted to specific POS terminals (MID). A wide range of card level controls are available, including time and day restrictions, number of daily card swipes, ATM access, velocity limits on spending, and more
  • 24/7 cardholder phone support and a cardholder account website provides card recipients with their card balance information, transaction history, profile information and more


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Brand the Cardholder Experience, and Deliver 24/7 Support

We understand the importance of consistent user journeys and happy payees. That’s why we provide your cardholders with MyCard account access, allowing them to activate or suspend their card, check their balance, and view their transaction history.

All cardholders also get 24/7 phone support for help with everything from balance checks to lost/stolen card resolution.

For organizations needing greater personalization, all cardholder touch points can be branded, from the cardholder’s MyCard account website, to the cards themselves, to mailed packages, and more. This ensures a consistent, complete, and personalized payment experience for all end users.

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A national lottery recovered $80,000 in unspent and lost funds by disbursing and tracking their small value winnings on prepaid Visa cards.

Virtual Cards

Did you know Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards can also be disbursed digitally via email or text message? No plastic needed!

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How we work for you

Berkeley manages over $1.5B for forward thinking organizations that pay customers, clients, and employees around the world

But Cards are Only Half the Story

Remember, a Visa or Mastercard prepaid card is just a piece of plastic. For best results, explore our Platform Capabilities, our strategic Discovery Sessions, and the following Solutions to get the most out of your program

You can also contact a Payments Expert who can walk you through your options:

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Rewards and Incentives

Drive engagement with employees and sales staff

Mobile devices with a location icon

Field Sales and Service

Get better results from in-store and door-to-door sales

Prepaid Cards - consumer_rebates-1

Consumer Rebates

Simplify and brand shopper marketing experiences

hands holding a medical cross

Disaster Relief and
Emergency Payments

Safely manage and track
payments to those in need

Prepaid Cards - goodwill_class_payments-1

Goodwill and Class
Action Payments

Disburse funds with security,
compliance and controls

Prepaid Cards - payroll_on-demand_economy

Payroll and On-Demand

Manage payouts, tips, commissions, and expenses

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Prepaid Cards - info-nissan-logo

Nissan dealerships hand out Visa prepaid cards to promote test drives, drive foot traffic, and reward service techs.

Prepaid Cards - case-study-aidagencies-logo

Case Study

How Aid Agencies Deploy Faster Disaster Relief

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Thinking of buying?

To make your prepaid card program a success, consider the following checklist:

  • Why do you need payment cards?
  • Do you need one-time load cards, or reloadable cards?
  • How many cards would you like to disburse?
  • How much value would you like to load onto each card?
  • How would you like to disburse the cards (direct mail, on the spot, email etc)
  • What outcomes or program results are you looking for?

What’s the Difference Between a Prepaid card, a Credit Card, and a Debit Card?

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Customer Testimonials

Berkeley is an excellent solution provider. They were very helpful and accommodated all of our payment needs.

Invictus Games 2017

We needed a partner who could help us design a program to meet the needs of a diverse, informed, and critical membership. Berkeley is a great partner and we’re proud of our prepaid Member Rewards Card program.

The Human Resources Professionals Association

I'm familiar with many prepaid solution providers, and Berkeley is excellent. They're keen, enthusiastic, and the most innovative player in the marketplace.

Core Loyalty

The province’s emergency cards promote dignity and choice by allowing beneficiaries to determine their own needs, help stimulate local economies where emergency goods and services are already available, and support Canada’s pre-existing social safety net system.

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