Real-Time Transfers

Instant Corporate Payouts.

Real-Time Transfers deliver low-cost real-time business disbursements, transfers, and supplier payments. Eliminate the use of cheques with VisaDirect to push funds directly to a recipient’s bank account or credit card. Or, facilitate mass Interact E-Transfers, ACH, and EFT for flexibility over payout cost and timing.

How It Works

Customize Your Payout Program

Create your branded payout portal, and customize program features and attributes.


Fund Account and Payout Users

Use the API or Dashboard to disburse funds to suppliers, customers, or workers instantly.

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Manage Payouts

Manage your business’ disbursements from the dashboard, and automate payout workflows.

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Create and Customize Your Payout Program

Customize Your Branded Payout Portal

Easily edit and update your fonts, logo, and colours to reflect your company’s brand and offer a consistent experience to customers wherever they interact with you.

Developer-Friendly APIs

Berkeley’s API enables developers to easily integrate payments and provide customizable and flexible solutions for your project needs.

Create Your Customized Email Message

Create a branded email notification using various email templates. Recipients will receive a payment receipt notification via e-mail and users simply click on the button to receive funds.

Instantly Pay Recipients Through API or Dashboard

Fund Your Account

Fund your business’ disbursements account. Berkeley’s secure escrow account keeps your business’ funds safe, and clients can exclusively manage funds from the client portal.

Process Payouts in Real-Time with VisaDirect

Real-Time Transfers enable real-time fund disbursements direct to any Visa cardholder. Funds reach the recipient’s account within 30 minutes.

PCI Compliant Card-Capture Widgets

Berkeley’s platform is highly secure, allowing your business to capture tokenized card data for easy payment access while taking the burden of PCI certification scope.

Eliminate Cheques With Flexible Payout Methods

Complete Payout Control

Most providers require you to connect to different payout solutions independently. With Real-Time Transfers, you get an entire range of transfer capabilities from a single API integration, providing you with the flexibility to choose the payment method that fits the appropriate cost, speed, and limits of your payout scenarios.


You’ll receive real-time authorization of a transaction’s success from the recipient’s bank. The recipient only needs to provide a debit or credit card number to the sender; no bank routing numbers.

Automated Interac E-Transfers

Easily facilitate automated Interac E-Transfers via API to optimize efficiency and reduce administrative burdens. With near real time funding, funds are available immediately once the recipient accepts the transfer from their end.

Automated EFT/ACH Transfers

Make bank transfers easily; access our API to easily connect to all financial institutions and push or pull funds through batch files.

Manage Payouts, Track Balances, and Reconcile Failed Disbursements

Manage Payouts in the White-Labelled Client Portal

View and manage transfer history, payout status, and account holder information from one brand-able portal.

Transaction Level Reporting and Reporting APIs

Use the client dashboard to get payment data reports that provide metrics related to transaction history, user payment data, and insights. Or, securely integrate payment data with APIs.

Failed Payout Reconciliation

Always know the status of your payouts. Admins are notified when payouts fail, and are be able to resend or cancel failed transactions.

Streamline Payment Operations with Automated Payout Workflows

Automate Recurring Payouts with APIs

Set up automatic payouts with ease via API. Pay users, suppliers, or workers on a recurring schedule basis by specifying the time and amount of the recurring payment.

Set Limits on Payout Amounts and Recipients

Set strict spend controls from your client portal. Specify which users can create transactions, and set velocity limits, transaction limits on certain recipients, and risk controls.

See How Real-Time Transfers Can Work For Your Business

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