Consumer Rebates

Drive shopper marketing results with innovative cashback promotions and mail in rebates

Consumer rebates offer an irresistible deal for price-conscious customers: a specially reduced and time sensitive promo on an otherwise full priced product.

With millions of consumer transaction data points and extensive rebate fulfillment experience, Berkeley works with you to launch the perfect rebate program for your business.

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Promote with High Perceived Value at Low Purchase Costs

Cashback promotions and rebate programs have traditional underperformed due to poor user experiences. Clunky redemption websites, manual processes, multiple third-party vendors, and weeks of waiting to receive funds erode customer engagement and loyalty.

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We built a custom software platform for a large CPG company in need of door to door payment rewards.

Brand the Experience to Further Promote and Cross Sell

Custom payment programs, rather than coupons or closed loop gift cards, remove price barriers that prevent decision to buy, and provide additional branded value that doesn’t affect the overall purchase price.

Customize all program collateral including rebate portals, prepaid cards, virtual payments, and email / SMS notifications

Integrate surveys, data capture points, text and links, or display ads into the redemption process

Customize input validations for product serial numbers, receipt scans with smartphones, and more

Simplify Payouts with One Platform that Supports Multiple Programs

From a single flexible dashboard, you can build multiple consumer rebate programs with different goals, configurations, and functionality.

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Create a program, set the budget, and configure redemption rules and methods

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Set length of promos, customize activation methods, and let consumers only see rebates that they’re eligible for

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Choose redemption methods including prepaid cards, virtual cards, and more

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Manage and track your team performance by setting up multiple users and permissions

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Visa cards



Nissan dealerships hand out prepaid Visa cards to promote test drives, drive foot traffic, and reward service techs

Constantly Improve Program Performance with Insights

Access analytics and extensive reporting that gives you full visibility into how your rebate programs are performing, and how to improve them.

Consumer Rebates - analytics

Track program results to determine performance and allocate budgets

Optimize results by analyzing trends in redemption methods, payouts, transactions, geo locations and other data points

Gain better ongoing insights into consumer activities and preferences

How we work for you

Berkeley manages over $1B for forward thinking organizations that pay customers, clients, and employees around the world

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Like this Solution?

Learn about products that bring your payments solution to life:

Consumer Rebates - prepaid-card

Prepaid Cards

Payout via mail or on-the-spot with different types of Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards

Consumer Rebates - virtual-card

Virtual Cards

Payout via email with flexible virtual Visa and MasterCard prepaid cards

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Payout via your own systems to enhance and scale your payment capabilities

Consumer Rebates - instant-issuance

Instant Issuance

Pay individuals in real time and on-the-spot

Consumer Rebates - inventory-management

Campaign Manager

Build and manage multiple ongoing payments program

Consumer Rebates - discovery

Inventory Manager

Track and manage your payment card lifecycle from end-to-end

Consumer Rebates - prepaid-card


Get a deep dive into your business’s strategic payment needs

Consumer Rebates - virtual-card


Mine and extract powerful business insights from millions of payment data points


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Customer Testimonials

Berkeley is an excellent solution provider. They were very helpful and accommodated all of our payment needs.

Invictus Games

We needed a partner who could help us design a program to meet the needs of a diverse, informed, and critical membership. Berkeley is a great partner and we’re proud of our prepaid Member Rewards Card program.

The Human Resources Professionals Association

I'm familiar with many prepaid solution providers, and Berkeley is excellent. They're keen, enthusiastic, and the most innovative player in the marketplace.

Core Loyalty

The province’s emergency cards promote dignity and choice by allowing beneficiaries to determine their own needs, help stimulate local economies where emergency goods and services are already available, and support Canada’s pre-existing social safety net system.

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