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Tip Tuesday: How to Effectively Brand the Payments Experience

Marketing and Rebates

July 17, 2018  |  2 Min Read

#TipTuesday: Want your next payments program to get the most "bang for it's buck" Branding the payments process is crucial for program...

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The Balance Blog - Lawrence-Picture-Both-Formats_3

#MeetBerkeley: Lawrence Tepperman, President

Berkeley Updates

July 13, 2018  |  1 Min Read

Get to know our new President Lawrence Tepperman!

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Tip Tuesday: How to Increase Digital Adoption Rates with Prepaid [Download]

Fintech Innovation

July 10, 2018  |  2 Min Read

How to digitize payments with prepaid and increase digital adoption rates

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The Balance Blog - Trends-Bhavna

The Executive Insight: Bhavna Kaushal on 3 Leading Trends in Payments

Fintech Innovation

July 5, 2018  |  4 Min Read

VP of Partnership & Payment Strategy, Bhavna Kaushal, walks us through the 3 leading trends in payments taking hold industry wide.

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The Balance Blog - Customer-feedback-loops

Six Loyalty Program Ingredients That Will Energize Your Customer Feedback Loop

Gifts and Rewards, Marketing and Rebates, Sales and Service

June 27, 2018  |  2 Min Read

It’s hard to ignore the fact that customer feedback loops using robust loyalty programs are the best way to nurture a strong relationship...

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The Balance Blog - Card-Design-Guidelines-Infographic_2

Branded Money’s Best Friend: A Guide to Custom Designed Cards [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketing and Rebates, Mass Payments

June 22, 2018

One way to enhance the end user experience is with a custom designed prepaid card, both physical and virtual And if you're thinking of going...

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The Balance Blog - Telco-Gamers

Attention Canadian Telcos: You Can Stop the Gamers

Fintech Innovation, Mass Payments, Sales and Service

June 19, 2018

Canadian telecommunications companies (telcos) have to work hard for consumers’ loyalty and to prove they deserve it long term This is...

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