VR, and AR, and Robots, Oh My!

Fintech Innovation, Mass Payments, Sales and Service

January 18, 2018  |  4 Min Read

What We Learned About the Future of Payments From CES2018 CES, the Consumer Electronics Show came to a close last week and was without a doubt,...

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6 Must-See Things If You Work In Payments and Are Heading to #CES2018

Fintech Innovation, Mass Payments

January 5, 2018  |  3 Min Read

The Consumer Electronics Show, commonly referenced as CES, brings all the best and most innovative tech together in Vegas for one week.

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Cryptocurrencies Are Booming – Can Prepaid Help People Spend Them?

Fintech Innovation, Mass Payments

December 15, 2017  |  3 Min Read

Bitcoin has hit all-time highs this week, reaching prices of $17.7K USD or $22.8K CDN, and people are chomping at the bit to get a piece

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Pay Me Now: On-Demand Economy Woes Solved with Prepaid Solutions

Fintech Innovation, Mass Payments

November 20, 2017  |  3 Min Read

With on-demand companies like rideshare and food delivery services continuing to pop-up everywhere, the way we get paid has largely taken a...

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Beyond the Keynote: Why Payments Conferences Like Money20/20 are Beneficial for Business

Fintech Innovation, Marketing and Rebates, Sales and Service

November 3, 2017  |  4 Min Read

Conferences like Money20/20 are overwhelmingly exciting at first glance A chance to sit and hear keynote speakers talk about their innovations...

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