Her-Story: An International Women’s Day Chat with Our VP Jackie Glazer

Marketing and Rebates, Mass Payments

March 8, 2018  |  3 Min Read

We sat down with our VP of Finance and Operations Jackie Glazer on how she got started in payments, her thoughts on...

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Why You Should Pay Consumers to Buy Your Product

Marketing and Rebates

January 8, 2018  |  3 Min Read

With #CES2018 under way this week, we can expect to see tons of new gadgets, and products being released I don’t know about you, but we’re...

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How to Use Cardholder Data to Amplify Marketing and Advertising Initiatives

Marketing and Rebates, Mass Payments

December 20, 2017  |  1 Min Read

What do you do with all of the data you receive from a prepaid program Does it sit there Or, do you use it to improve and create new...

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Beyond the Keynote: Why Payments Conferences Like Money20/20 are Beneficial for Business

Fintech Innovation, Marketing and Rebates, Sales and Service

November 3, 2017  |  4 Min Read

Conferences like Money20/20 are overwhelmingly exciting at first glance A chance to sit and hear keynote speakers talk about their innovations...

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Why Choose Prepaid? Key Benefits to Prepaid Card Programs [INFOGRAPHIC]

Gifts and Rewards, Marketing and Rebates, Mass Payments, Sales and Service

October 27, 2017  |  1 Min Read

Choosing the right payments program for your business can be tricky, and oftentimes, you might forget to ask what differentiates prepaid card...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Holiday Prepaid Card Program

Marketing and Rebates, Mass Payments, Sales and Service

October 20, 2017  |  4 Min Read

As the holiday season nears, we know that ensuring your employees and customers feel appreciated is the key to your business’ success

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