We Had a Blast at ACT Canada Forum and Innovation Awards-Congrats Team! - Act-1

We Had a Blast at ACT Canada – Congrats Team!


Mass Payments

We Had a Blast at ACT Canada Forum and Innovation Awards-Congrats Team! - act-1

We couldn’t be more thrilled for our team today as we just received two awards from ACT Canada for our Instant Issuance for Disaster Relief program.

A huge thank you to everyone at Berkeley for helping get the program off the ground and to our partner Mastercard Canada who won alongside us for both Fintech/Incumbent Collaboration of the Year and Sonja Halvorson Memorial Social Merit.


  • Sonja Halvorson Memorial Social Merit Award: awarded to an organization that has introduced an innovative application or service into the market with significant social value in the past year.
  • Fintech/Incumbent Collaboration of the Year: acknowledges the collaboration between a fintech and an Incumbent that has, over the past year, contributed the most to the future of commerce or digital identity.


We Had a Blast at ACT Canada Forum and Innovation Awards-Congrats Team! - act-2

About Our Program/Nomination: 

When disaster strikes and donations flood in, how do you quickly and safely distribute and track relief funds?

As a supplement to goods and services like food, shelter, registrations, and family reunification, mass payments fill a major requirement for urgent basic financial needs. Given the unpredictable nature of disasters and the varying needs of those impacted, a clear need emerged to provide the ability to customize funding amounts, and issue individual cards on the spot vs. loading cards in bulk from a remote head office.

Berkeley developed and deployed a Field Issuance solution that allows volunteers in the field to use a mobile PCI compliant application to customize card loads and issue cards on the spot. Custom loads allow for relief that directly addresses an individual’s needs.  For example, a parent with dependents can get a higher amount on the card than an individual. Cards can be reloaded if ongoing support is needed. The application also provides full transparency, tracking and reporting on the cards, disbursement, loads and usage.

Mastercard shared global best practices that were used as input into some of the functionality embedded in the application. They also supported the program setup with Berkeley and helped expedite necessary network functions to enable fast time-to-market.

Learn more about Disaster Relief Programs here!

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