Offer your fintech’s end users a bank account in a box with TransAct. We build transaction accounts onto General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) prepaid cards with all the features and capabilities of a bank account like bill payments, transfers, and savings, fully white-labeled to your brand.

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TransAct is like a transaction account in a box for your business. Facilitate robust transaction card capabilities for your users powered by Berkeley’s proprietary technology, Pungle.

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More Ways to Load Cards

Users can load cards in real time from their bank account, accept payroll, direct deposits and more

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Robust Card Use Functionality

With core banking integrations, facilitate ATM withdrawals, pre-authorized debits (PAD) for bill payments, transfer from TransAct cards to savings, and peer to peer transfers (P2P)

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Automate Top Ups and Loads

Like other transaction accounts, allow users to set top up and reload parameters so that they are never short of funds

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Access Online and Mobile Services

TransAct provides a simple, easy-to-use platform for your users to easily access funds, transfer between accounts or to peers, load their card, and more

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Fully Whitelabeled for your Business

TransAct’s platform can be fully white-labeled to suit your business needs – we enable your backend so you can focus on what matters

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Reach the Underbanked

TransAct’s transaction account in a box functionality allows your business to reach underbanked users and provide them with all the benefits of a bank account, without the bank

Ready to learn how TransAct is the perfect solution for your fintech?

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Customer Testimonials

Berkeley is an excellent solution provider. They were very helpful and accommodated all of our payment needs.

Invictus Games

We needed a partner who could help us design a program to meet the needs of a diverse, informed, and critical membership. Berkeley is a great partner and we’re proud of our prepaid Member Rewards Card program.

The Human Resources Professionals Association

I'm familiar with many prepaid solution providers, and Berkeley is excellent. They're keen, enthusiastic, and the most innovative player in the marketplace.

Core Loyalty

The province’s emergency cards promote dignity and choice by allowing beneficiaries to determine their own needs, help stimulate local economies where emergency goods and services are already available, and support Canada’s pre-existing social safety net system.

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